Patient Feedback following Cataract/Lens Surgery

"I am Sharmina Khan's anaesthetist and I am writing this on behalf of my mother who was operated on by Sharmina. My Mum has dementia and a complex cardiac medical history. I had no hesitation to recommend that Sharmina operates on my Mum's cataract as I have observed her excellent surgical skills over the last few years. From the pre-assessment to the surgery aftercare, my Mum was extremely satisfied with the whole process. She is eternally grateful to Sharmina for making the whole experience as normal as possible as my Mum was very nervous in the beginning. It has been 3 weeks since she had the cataract removed and she could not be more satisfied with the result. She is able to watch her favourite TV programmes with joy. Thank you Sharmina."

07-03-2020 By a verified patient on Doctify

"I am absolutely delighted with the quality of my vision - monovision - following cataract operations on both eyes!"

22-02-20 By a verified patient on

"Absolutely 100% happy with my recent cataract surgery which has improved my distance vision enormously. I found the procedure and surgeon extremely efficient and kept me informed at all stages. I am over the moon with my new vision and can’t wait for my next eye to be done. Thank you so much."

31-07-2019 By a verified patient on Doctify

"I am very pleased with the care provided by Sharmina and her team. I was slightly apprehensive before the operation, but they made me feel at ease. The procedures and options for treatment were explained clearly. I am impressed by the flexibility shown in (re)arranging appointments to suit my needs and by the aftercare I have received."

09-01-2020 By a verified patient on Doctify

"I am very happy with eyes and now able to see clearly out of my window and all of the dust and dirt indoors! My fridge has now had a good clean."

25-09-20 By a verified patient on Doctify

"Thank you Miss Khan for all you have done for our sister the kindness, patience and professionalism is second to none. We thank you and your team at Moorfields with most sincerity."

02-08-19 By a verified patient on Doctify

"Sharmina is just brilliant as a surgeon, clinician and post-operatory consultant. She has a warm yet professional manner which helps to fully engage patients in assisting their own recovery. Cannot recommend her work highly enough!"

12-11-2018 By a verified patient on Doctify

"Miss Khan is a very caring and professional consultant. The results of the treatment have been first class. I was very nervous to have a procedure on my eye, and I was treated with great consideration and professionalism . Everything was explained to me so that I ended up with total confidence in the procedure. The aftercare was exceptional."

01-06-2018 by verified patient on Doctify

"Each Eye was operated on 1 week apart and I do not have enough words of praise for her. Not only is she extremely professional but at the same time kind, caring and very approachable. I have no hesitation in recommending Miss Khan for cataract surgery. Thank you Miss Khan and I wish you every success in your career."

01-06-2018 By a verified patient on Doctify

"If anybody can call an operation pleasant, this was the one! Easy and comfortable throughout with wonderful results when I found my eye in sharp focus the day after. Very professional and skilful in her field, and a very kind and careful individual, I wish her the best in her career and in helping other patients."

12-04-2018 by verified patient on Doctify

"We take our sight for granted, not realising how precious it is until it's taken away... I have had the absolute pleasure of witnessing first hand the effect Cataract Surgery has on someone. Margaret (a family member with learning difficulties) had cataracts in both eyes (& was too scared to agree to surgery previously), leaving her blind. From the moment we met with Miss Khan, I knew we'd chosen the right surgeon! It's not always easy for people to talk to those with learning difficulties, but Miss Khan treated Margaret with the utmost respect, warmth & care. Surgery was planned for Feb 2018 on one eye. Throughout the process leading up to surgery, Margaret remained calm and agreeable. Surgery was a complete success and I will never forget the moment when Margaret took off her post-op eye patch to see the world again... Not only has Margaret's vision improved, so has her spirit! I thought she was happy... But now I see she wasn't really. She is loving life, she can see !! Her vision is better than it ever was. Margaret had no issues post op, everything was just perfect! She now wants her other eye done!​ I have no hesitation in recommending Miss Khan to anyone - Professional, Caring, Warm & a Genuinely nice lady."

11-04-2018 by a verified patient on Doctify

Exceptional care only exceeded by the quality of the result. Better vision than ever before with astigmatism corrected and a trifocal lens. Glasses discarded, thank you Dr. Kahn!

By a verified patient on Doctify 14-10-20

Upon meeting I was greeted so warmly and felt at ease. Dr Khan took her time to examine me and explain my options. She was happy to repeat anything I was unclear on and answer questions. After my consultation I emailed a further few questions and was really impressed received a phone call rather than an email response-this really helped me gain a good understanding of the treatment and procedure. The operation went smoothly and the after care has been exceptional-receiving another phone call the day after survey to see how I was recovering. I never feel rushed during any appointment. Cannot fault Dr Khan at all!
By a verified patient on Doctify

Miss Khan runs a very professional and efficient service. Every aspect is first class.


By a verified patient on Doctify

Sharmina Khan and her team were friendly and welcoming and explained all stages very clearly to us. we were pleased to receive follow up phone calls after the cataract operations to check all was well.
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My experience is wonderful and good. I found Miss S Khan an excellent clinician in all aspects of her care and communication. She gave me the confidence and reassurance for my cataract operation. She explained in detail all about my eye problem and its management.
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Doctor Sharmina was incredibly helpful, attentive and respectful. She explained everything well and was very patient. Thank you for making the
overall experience easier.
15-04-2020By a verified patient on Doctify